March 5, 2010

Using your colors...

Narrowing down your wedding colors and/or theme should be one of the first decisions that you make in the wedding planning process. Once you have chosen the colors and theme, you can really start with the other details. There are many ways to use your colors throughout your wedding besides just in flowers and bridesmaids dresses.

One great way to add in color and reception fun is doing a candy bar. Try using different sizes vases and display fabulous fun and tasty treats for your guests. If your colors are going to be more of a plum palette, use candies like purple gumballs, grape lollipops, and purple M&Ms. When it comes to candy, most come in different flavors, so use that to your advantage. You can always add in other colors to make it more playful, but to go along with the color layout of your event, use primarily the same colors throughout. Candy bars can double as favors for your guests. Get some cute cellophane bags and scoops for your candies.

Another great way to incorporate your color into your event without it turning undesirable is to carry the color up the ceilings. Try paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling or event drapes of fabric. This doesn't have to get expensive. Shop around and find the deals that are out there. Not only with the splash of color give your guests in amazement, but it will also add depth to the room.

As a bride, one great way to incorporate your wedding color is to take it to the shoes! Again, using the color plum, try some fabulous plum colored shoes to make a statement. A great way to be playful and unique.

What are your ideas?? Let us know!

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