September 19, 2010

The White Closet Co.

Have you heard of The White Closet Co. The White Closet Co. is a fabulous new bridal boutique in Tampa, Florida.  Their amazing style, fun personality and cute website caught my eye and I knew that we had to interview them!  

Q:  What makes your company stand out from other wedding vendors?
A:  What makes The White Closet Bridal stand out is in my opinion, the boutique itself; it’s a very open clean and crisp atmosphere.  Brides love the big fitting rooms and individual attention that is offered here.  Our staff is lovely and willing to show each bride a fun time playing dress up.  No rush and no pressure tactics, just focus on the Bride.
Q:  What made you decide to get into the wedding industry?  
A:   My family has owned stores and worked in the fashion industry abroad and in the United States for many years.  And as a child, I loved clothing and playing dress up especially in my aunt’s store!  Eventually I grew up and kept my passion to myself.  When I got married, is when my passion arose again, and I pinpointed exactly what kind of fashion I wanted to focus on and here I am! 
Q:  What are your hopes for brides and grooms?   
A:  In addition to cherishing their love & living a long healthy marriage…
I hope for all brides not only to look gorgeous but FEEL absolutely stunning the day of their wedding.  As far as the grooms ~ they sure better LOVE what the brides chose to walk down the aisle in :o)
Q:  What are 3 frequently asked questions to you from brides and grooms? 
A:  Since I mainly work with brides, their 3 most frequent questions are… 
1.   Do you carry ‘blank’ style number?
2.  How long does it take to receive the gown?
3.  Can I come back to try on in front of my family?
Q:  Tell us something that many people might not know about you:  
A:  I speak 3 languages; Spanish, English and French.
Q:  How would a bride and/or groom contact you?
Or call for an appointment 813.249.GOWN or email

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