October 29, 2010

Insights from Laura Lee Designs: New York Bridal Fashion Week

Although we were not able to attend Bridal Market in NYC, we were lucky enough to have one of our FAVORITE designers, Laura Lee Williams of Laura Lee Designs, send us great insight to what went on in NYC!! Enjoy...

Let me start to paint a picture in your mind: Autumn in New York, great weather and the sense and feel of a cozy sweater to wear is in your future. NOTHING is better than autumn in New York!

I have done one show in New York for Bridal Week and that was a few years ago. Now, a new venue with a lot of great vendors and new looks for the most popular traditions in America: Being a Bride! The venue was at Pier 94, the site was large and the buzz was great. There were so many designers I’d never heard of both for wedding gowns and accessories. Being in handbags and such, I wasn’t sure I fit in since I have such an array of color and design. I really never have focused long and hard on my bridal line and after this show, I know it’s a must incorporate and open my line up to stronger silhouettes, proportions and non-traditional color. Now it’s to the sketchpad for some doodling and creativity!

Let me tell you about some of the great people I got the chance to meet: Liv Hart of Enchanted Atelier, Matthew Christopher Bridal, Lindsay of Haute Bride and Claire Pettibone Bridal. Notice the photos of the amazing and whimsical fashion show where Claire showed her line with an ethereal theme of magic, fairies and gold dust! It truly was spectacular and everyone was in awe of the lines on the bridal dresses, the way it flowed with the girls as they walked the runway: The hair, makeup, and overall feel were of magical but sensuous butterflies, opulent in their beautiful dresses which are for brides but made you feel like you were part of a lovely flight of Fairies. The stunning headpieces and accessories were by the very talented Liv Hart of Enchanted Atelier. The compilation and partnership of the rich and intense work by both designers was a delight for all.

To top everything off, an invitation to the bible of bridal magazines ‘The Knot’ had an over-the-top event at the New York Public Library. The transformation shocked and stunned everyone and the main entrance literally made one stop in their tracks: I first noted the largest floral design ever of a bride that was easily 12 ft. tall. I’m thrilled to say it was designed by the event planner extraordinaire Preston Bailey. Believe me, it was simply, “over-the-Top”!

Talk about well thought out~Later when leaving ‘The Knot’s’ party, a limo was awaiting for those of us going to the ‘Martha Stewart’ VIP event at her office. It really made it so much easier for those of us who wanted to enjoy both venues. So off I went, from the classy event at the NY Public Library to Martha’s cross-town extravaganza. What fun and what an experience to top off the evening with a truly spectacular thematic party: Tiny ice sherbets, apples on a stick dipped in caramel, and all the dessert one could possibly imagine in every shape and size. Truly a terrific party ~ Where else can one get a nail manicure, eye lash extensions and a foot massage at a party? Martha knows how to throw a stylish party!

In the end, the appreciation of the Bridal world and the newfound friendships that ensued and made will give this wanna-be designer something to look forward to for Spring 2010 New York Bridal Fashion Week!

Thank you again to Laura Lee Williams and the Laura Lee Designs team!!

Be sure to stay tuned for our feature blog post on Laura Lee Williams and Laura Lee Designs!  


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