March 10, 2011

Bruce Lee - The Event Piper

Bruce Lee - The Event Piper

Visit Bruce's website at and get ready to be amazed!

"I was drawn to the sound of the bagpipes by some ancestral force, buried deep in my psyche. The tunes get my “blood up” like no other music. I can almost smell the peat burning in a cottage fireplace and feel a Highland breeze come  down through a heather strewn glen. Playing the bagpipes, being a piper, is an extension of my creative soul – much more than a  mere hobby. I took up the pipes in 1991 and have been devoted  to learning the intricacies of the instrument ever since. I play at  weddings and other events in the United States and abroad.
One of my greatest thrills was to play by the shores of Loch Ness in Scotland, hoping to lure the monster out to listen. My goal when playing at a wedding or other event is to provide a unique and memorable listening experience. Traditionally, the piper leads the bride into the ceremony and the happy couple out at the end of the service. On the other hand, I can provide music for any part of a wedding celebration, including the reception. The possibilities are open to the imagination."



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