April 20, 2011

Fine Art Wedding Photography

fine art wedding photograph of bride

When my friend Jim and I started Red Photo last year we wanted to be different from the rest of the wedding photography crowd. So we sat down and thought about what makes us unique and what we have to offer a bride and groom to be. For us it was experience. We both have been professional photographers for many years. Each of us has extensive experience in commercial photography. In addition I have been a fine art photographer for the past 12 years and have had my work displayed on over 100 gallery exhibits in the US and Asia. We both have a great depth of photography knowledge and each of us have been teaching for a number of years. So when we began our wedding photography business we wanted to create a fine art product, a customized product, one that would really capture the memories of that special day so that our clients would always have them. We create fine art wedding photographs and multimedia fusion presentations.

Many people have asked me what is the concept behind making these fine art photographs. Well there are several layers to that. I believe that fine art is a vision, a way of seeing the world in a stylized and unique way. Fine artists are not afraid to take risks, because the end result is a unique gift. Fine art can also be obtained in how the image is presented. We produce customize wedding albums for all of our clients and each image inside has been worked on extensively by me to add a new dimension to it. Every image is treated in its' own way. What fine art photography is not is just a bunch of random filters or actions. Too many people get lulled into believing that there is some quick fix to make spectacular images. And they are wrong. You can't just buy artistic vision and wisdom, you have to practice and gain it. Without a vision and an intent you are left with a lesser product. Art takes time, experimentation, patience, and courage. You have to have the courage to follow your instincts and be able to create. We appreciate clients who understand this and value art and photography.

Our wedding photographs are unique and so are our clients. We always go out of our way to give them a truly beautiful and unique product that will last for lifetimes. That is why we feel that the wedding album is so necessary and important, even in this age of digital photo posts everywhere. People think that the wedding photo market in Houston is conservative and that people will never go for something different. But there are many couples here who are looking for something that is extraordinary. They want a customized product that makes them stand out from everyone else. And that is where our vision of fine art photography comes into play.

People should not just follow the market. For more on this you should read my posts 'Be the Leader, Not the Follower', 'The Courage to Stand Out', and 'Stand Out From the Crowd.' Too many people are afraid to let their own style come out. They are afraid that the market will not accept them and then they end up being a 'me too' product. Your uniqueness is what people want. So develop your style and celebrate it so that your real customers will be attracted to you. For more advice on developing your own style you should read 'Finding Your Artistic Style.'

Go out and do what you do best. The world is waiting.

Gary Miller

Houston Wedding Photographer


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