April 12, 2010

How To Find The Best Makeup Artist For “You” - For “Your” Wedding Day

Your wedding day is a very special moment in your life.  It is a day when everything needs to be perfect and to your satisfaction.  From your wedding dress and shoes, to the flowers and cake.  Equally as important is how you will “makeup” for your special day.
Your face should reflect the happiness, excitement and glow that every bride experiences on her wedding day - and also reflect the beauty that comes from within and has been expertly accentuated by your Makeup Artist.  All eyes will be on you every second of your wedding day - in addition to having photographs and video of your special day.  Don’t you want to make sure you have chosen the best Makeup Artist for “you” on “your” special day?
The reason I say the best Makeup Artist for “you” on “your” special day is because you are unique and your beauty is yours and only yours.  In that same manner the Makeup Artist you choose for your wedding day should understand that this is about “you” and bringing out your “one” and “true” beauty - and not doing your makeup with a cookie-cutter approach or with the “this is what is hot right now” concept.  Makeup trends may look great on a runway or in a magazine - but more often than not will not make you look good on your wedding day.

So how do you find “your” Makeup Artist?  Here are my suggestions and ideas:
(1) Start searching at least 4 to 6 months before.  Makeup artists specializing in wedding makeup book their dates months in advance so you want to make sure they are available on your wedding day.

(2) Ask friends, co-workers, acquaintances and other brides for recommendations.  If you are not happy with those referrals you can do an online search for “wedding makeup artist” or a combination of that with your city and state and you will get plenty of results.

(3) When you find someone you think may be a good match for you - pick up the phone and call them or send an email.  You will quickly see how “professional” or “unprofessional” someone is by the way they handle your inquiry.  Are they pleasant, professional and courteous - do they take the time to answer your questions in an email and/or over the phone?  Remember “you” are paying for their services - so you have every right to ask questions and get answers.  If you are rushed off the phone or your questions go unanswered - well..you just figured out the answer as to whether you want that person to do “your” makeup.

(4) Once you have found someone and have discussed details over the phone and/or email pick a date and time to do a bridal consultation/trial so you can meet the Makeup Artist in person.  This is the most critical time to make your assessment of the Makeup Artist.  Things to note for yourself during the bridal consultation/trial. 

a.  Is the Makeup Artist on time for the appointment? If not, be careful because you may end up waiting on your wedding day also.  Do you want to risk that?  Lateness is never excusable. 

b.  Is the Makeup Artist well prepared and is he/she genuinely interested in what you need and want for your wedding day? Does the  makeup Artist have his/her portfolio with them to show you pictures of their work? (Please note: If you have already seen pictures from the Makeup Artist’s website that is fine - but a picture speaks much better than an image on a website - so ask them to bring it with them for your consultation.)  Does the Makeup Artist ask you questions about how you generally wear your makeup? Does the Makeup Artist ask you what colors/products you like and don’t like? If there are products that you currently use that you may want to use for your wedding day (ie: moisturizer, foundation, etc.)? How your hair will be styled on your wedding day? Does he/she ask for pictures of any makeup looks that you like or had in mind? You should not offer this information first - the Makeup Artist who has been doing this as a profession should already know to discuss these things with you.

c.  Does the Makeup Artist ask about what “you” like and want? Or is he/she more interested in telling you what they want to do.  It should be a conversation between you and the Makeup Artist.  Not the Makeup Artist dictating what you should and should not do without your input.

d.  Is the Makeup Artist’s makeup kit well stocked with a wide range of colors, products and options? and is it clean?  Yes CLEAN!! One of the things that you should always pay attention to is the cleanliness of brushes, sponges and the general sanitizing that a Makeup Artist does.  Brushes should be clean - there is absolutely no excuse.  Before the Makeup Artist starts to apply makeup on your face does he/she sanitize their hands? These are clear and quick indicators of someone’s professionalism and hygiene.  You want to look your best but you don’t want to risk getting an infection in your eye or on your skin because of unsanitary brushes - or worse - someone’s unsanitary hands.

e.  While the Makeup Artist applies your makeup he/she should discuss what they are doing and explain the process - so you know what is going on. 

f.  Once you have completed your trial give the Makeup Artist your honest feedback.  Tell them you LOVE IT - if you do.  And tell them you DON’T LIKE IT - and WHY! If you don’t like something - choice of eye shadow color, lip color, foundation, etc. explain this to the Makeup Artist so he/she can suggest alternatives or other options.  Never say you like it unless you really do - because the Makeup Artist will recreate the same look on your wedding day - and unless you love it you will definitely HATE IT on your wedding day.  The Makeup Artist should create a Face Chart indicating the colors you agreed to for your wedding day so there is no confusion.

g.  If everything checks out make sure you discuss all the details for your wedding day, bridal party makeup (if any), time you need the Makeup Artist to arrive (I always suggest saying 30 minutes before you actually need them there) to allow time in case you are running late.  The Makeup Artist can and should be there earlier anyway to set up the makeup area.  Discuss all the details for pricing, how long you will need them the day of the wedding (if you want the Makeup Artist to stay for touch-ups, etc).  Discuss all the details and agree to everything.

h.  Be clear on what the Makeup Artist’s payment and refund policy is and make sure to discuss it with him/her if you are unsure.

i.  Lastly sit back and relax!!!! You found your Makeup Artist - and now onto the 40 other things you have to plan for “your” wedding day!

For every detail on your wedding day always rely on professionals who will dedicate their time and attention to making sure everything is to your satisfaction.  You are paying everyone a lot of money to make sure your wedding day is perfect - and it should be!

“Makeup is my creative tool but the ‘one’ beauty within each woman is the reason” - Emmanuel A. Nikoloudakis

Emmanuel A. Nikoloudakis
Makeup Artist & Founder
Tel. 917-566-6447

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