April 15, 2010

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When it comes to your big day, the items that guests receive before the wedding is a huge indicator on how they will perceive the look and style of your big day.  The main items that your guests will receive before your wedding are the "Save the Date" cards and the invitation.  These items should reflect the style, color and theme of your wedding.  These multi-level invitations should also reflect the formality of your wedding.  If your wedding is going to be a black tie affair, your invitation should be formal, elegant and in perfect presentation.  If your wedding a much more laid back and informal affair, your invitation should show this, but still be presented in proper form.
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Once your guests arrive at your wedding, be sure to follow through with the details that will bring your theme and style together.  When you are planning your big day, think of the experience that you want your guests to have.  The favors that you give to your guests will be something that they will hold on to for years to come.  Favors are a great way to thank your guests for being a part of your wedding day.  They come in all shapes and sizes, as well as an array of price points.  You can personalize almost anything with handmade tags that say "Thank you" and your wedding date.  You can also help incorporate your colors by using ribbons and bows.
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Don't forget to thank your wedding party for being a part of your big day.  Whether you choose something big or small, be sure that it reflects what your wedding party enjoys.  For the groomsmen, drinking glasses with either an inital or name etched on them are a fabulous selection. Or, choose cuff links that they will be able to wear for all of the special occasions in their lives.  For the bridesmaids, totes are a great way to say 'thank you'.
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