June 25, 2010

Color Splash Wedding Gowns

The wedding dress is a huge piece of the overall wedding puzzle, and a lot of time and money is normally dedicated to finding that perfect gown that fits a bit of the bride’s personality, just the right pizazz, and the right price. No matter the cut, length, or the beading (or not, for that matter), there is all but one guarantee, it will be white. After all, a white gown has long been the gold standard for the perfect wedding gown, and it’s still the vogue, and it isn’t going anywhere fast. Lately however, there has been a boom in wedding dresses that don’t exactly obey that fashionable norm, and wedding dresses have been gaining some interesting new looks over the last few seasons.

Some of them are a bit outlandish, others are stunning and are easily imagined and worked into a wedding. While most brides may not be all too willing to go all out, adding a splash of color can also be an option for someone who just wants something a bit different.
Red is the color of passion, and passion is what many brides are looking for.  While the red is very rich-looking, it serves to highlight the stark white in the dress itself. The contrast is obvious, and yet plays with the minimal use of the color- the dress itself could be worked into a more traditional wedding easily.  Keeping the colors either light, or minimal can work for anyone.

Gwen Stephani’s Gown: John Galliano
It is tempting to call Gwen Stephani’s dress (above) the dress so nice she wore it twice (for a very fab reason- she redid her own wedding to be able to wear it two times) but the color fade is really magnificent on it’s own.  The fade has such an element of glamor and has the same fun and striking personality that Gwen herself has, and the color-fade is played pitch perfect.
Sure, let’s face it- most of us aren’t anywhere near Gwen when it comes to fashion- most women can still pull off a subtle splash of color.  It doesn’t have to be dramatic (see below especially), but anyone can find a way to work with the trend itself, (and more importantly) work it into their own wedding and personal style and taste.
As you can see above, even the smallest hint of color can transform a wedding gown into something truly unique.  It can take the everyday and turn it into the exquisitely different.  There is a certain charm to the small but obvious color in the dress above.  While it does stand out, it is demure enough for even the most traditional bride.  The subtle hints of color really make the white dress stand out more without the color being overpowering.
While most wouldn’t go for a candy-apple red gown, the more realistic approach of just a touch of color may be enough for that person who wants something just a bit outside the norm.

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  1. It is important for those considering such an approach to their autumn wedding dress to shop early, and to allow the dressmaker plenty of time to work

  2. I loved my “splash of color” Alfred Angelo gown! The grape sash at the bustline added just the right touch, and it coordinated perfectly with the bridesmaids dresses, which were also Alfred Angelo styles with a touch of white on the sash.

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