July 10, 2010

Wedding Logos - Perfect for DIY Brides

So you're a DIY bride - you go, girl! But in the course of "DIYing" to give your wedding a personal touch, you don't have to sacrifice a professional look! While some brides may have access to graphic designers, or may be graphic designers themselves, many do not. They may feel lost when trying to create a cohesive visual theme for their wedding. Forever Logos wants to help you out as your personal wedding graphic designer!

Wedding logos are perfect for DIY brides. A one-time fee gives couples a personalized design that can be used throughout their wedding events. A wedding logo will identify and embody the wedding theme, and guests will be impressed by the level of professional detail in the wedding planning.

Many DIY brides choose to print their invitations at home - wedding logos are perfect for this! Simply placing the wedding logo on the invitation adds a personalized designer touch to these charming DIY invitations. Green DIY brides may choose to save money and the environment by emailing some of their wedding correspondences, like RSVPs. A wedding logo will make these emails memorable to guests, and brings the email closer to representing a physical invitation.

DIY brides will be well aware of just how many wedding products they can customize themselves online - everything from postage stamps to aisle runners can now be customized by engaged couples. For any bride or groom wondering just what to put on these products, the answer is simple: your wedding logo! It already contains your names and/or monogram and expresses the spirit of your wedding.

We love this example shown above: Aubrey and Joe are getting married in Newport, Rhode Island and wanted Forever Logos to design a wedding logo that incorporated the Newport Bridge. This bridge has sentimental value and personal meaning, something many couples look for in their wedding theme. We were happy to oblige and they loved the result.  So much so, they used it on their wedding thank you notes too.

Both wedding logos and the DIY spirit are all about individuality and expressing the personality of YOUR wedding. Whether your wedding theme revolves around wine,  grapes, sheep, guitars, motorcyles or your beach destination, Forever Logos can make your logo personal and perfect for you.

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  1. This is a fun idea! We used stamps and graphics that matched our theme to tie together all of our DIY paper elements, including invitations, programs, and even photo-share cards. This logo service sounds like a fabulous resource.


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