June 8, 2010


The date is set and all you can talk about is your wedding day… But what about all the other pre-wedding events you must attend? Should you shaft them to the corner and only concentrate on the big day? Formerly Miss, says NO WAY!!!  Keep up with all the other great events leading up to the big day with great fashion styles and put forth as much effort and thought as you would your much talked about day.  
The engagement party is not only a way to announce your new soon-to-be life together, it is also one of those pre-wedding parties to take the opportunity to dress it up! For this amazing event you’ll want to dress elegantly, try a dress from Unique Vintage (www.unique-vintage.com), here you’ll find great dresses and accessories that be sure to make you the center of attention!  Don’t be afraid to pop with bright colors and edgy styles.

Here comes the bridal shower… Whether it’s a surprise, you planned it or you have cracked the code and know the date even though you’re not supposed to, a more classic look for this event is a must.  Try, White House/Black Market (www.whitehouseblackmarket.com), you are sure to find a great bridal shower ensemble to allow for all the great laughs and photos.

Now it’s time to let a little lose with your girlfriends… Instead of showering yourself with all the specifically shaped necklaces, sashes and tiaras, grab your closest girls, a little white dress and one signature accessory to let everyone know you’re the bride.  The fabulous white dress will already let everyone in on the fact that you’re the bride! Check out Xoxo (www.xoxo.com) for great affordable finds!

Blog by:  Maria Lago
Formerly Miss Custom Events

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  1. Great Blog and great selection of dresses to feature :) Dressing the part of "The Bride" leading up to the big event is in the "job-description" as the Bride-to-Be!
    ~ invitationsbyyvonne.com


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