September 24, 2010

Favors by Dorinda

Favors by Dorinda is a FABULOUS company that has many options for your wedding or special event.  Here are some questions that we asked her.  This is a great opportunity to learn more about the amazing woman who is behind Favors by Dorinda...

Q:  What makes your company stand out from other wedding vendors?
A:  I would hope the quality of my work speaks for itself.  I take great pride in every favor or candy cake I create.  I also willing to work with any budget to make the wedding couple's day as perfect as they expect it to be.  Customer service is extremely important to me.  after all, it is my name that goes on everything I do.
Q:  What made you decide to get into the wedding industry?A:  I've been in business since 1998, offering a wide variety of favors and slowly began to concentrate on the wedding industry over the years.  I love working with couples, watching the eyes light up when you've designed something especially for them.
Q:  What are your hopes for brides and grooms?
A:  My hopes for brides & grooms is that their wedding day be filled with happiness & love, friends & family.  It's their day to shine.  Leave the stress home.  I believe that all wedding vendors can help in making these dreams come true by being open & honest from the start and never saying no without first listening.
Q:  What are 3 frequently asked questions to you from brides andg rooms?
A:  Three question often asked:
  • Can you put our pictures on the wrapper?
  • We have a strict budget.  Are you willing to work within it?
  • If we order online, will the chocolate melt during shipment?
The answer to the first two questions is YES!  We strongly suggest you add your photo.  It's a great way for people to remember what a wonderful time they had at YOUR wedding.  We will work with any budget.  No is not a word we like to use often.  However, the answer to the last question is NO!  We ship with a cold pack via Priority mail.  Your chocolates arrive perfectly.
Q:  Tell us something that many people might not know about you:
A:  What some people may not know about me is that I was an art major in high school but didn't pursue that dream.  I went in a totally opposite direction and became a pharmacy technician, a career that lasted 20 years.  But my love of creating brought me back to design and where I am today.  My son has followed in my footsteps and has designed some of the wrappers you see on my site.  My daughter has also picked up o the design element of the business and recently designed a baby candy cake.
I've also been collaborating with three very talented wedding pros; Victoria Joanne of HCC Custom Wedding Garters ( , Beth Fruchtman of Forever Friends ( & Lauren Atwaters of Ten23 Designs ( . Together, we are able to offer a matching theme that works throughout your wedding.
I've also added a LUX line to my candy cakes.  More info for the brides & grooms will be coming up very soon :)
Q:  How would a bride and/or groom contact you?
A:  Brides & grooms can contact me several ways.  Directly through my website at , via Facebook ( , via Twitter ( or by phone at 973-633-0874.


  1. Great article... Nice surprise how it came up in my Google alert on my website name - "Custom Wedding Garters" Dorinda is a very talented woman. She's a "Go getter" as well; a woman who makes things happen.

    I too am an art major who didn't pursue an art related career until later in life. It's wonderful to be able to follow your dreams no matter when they seem to be accessible.

    It's always a pleasure to work with Dorinda! Great article.


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