September 25, 2010

Jacqueline Malonson of Jax Photography

MUST LOVE FABULOUS WEDDING PICTURES - And if you do, you are going to be GUSHING over this photographer!!!  Here are some questions that the extremely talented photographer, Jacqueline Malonson of Jax Photography, answered for us!

Q:  What makes your company stand out from other wedding vendors?
A:  I think it is who we are personally that brings people us. We believe in chance or destiny that the right people will find us who we are supposed to work with, get to know, love.  The favorite part of the wedding adventure for us is getting to know our couples and their families so we can tell their stories.  We share a part of ourselves with every interaction with our couples and families and I think they feel that.  We fall in love with them a little more with each interaction as we discover all of the wonderful little intricacies of their personalities and family relationships. It's fun.
One of the things we work hard to do that is different, is that we try hard to find clients who not only love our shooting style but also clients that our personalities connect with. We are not afraid to send couples to our competition if we think they are a better fit for them.  We believe it is not good enough to find photographers for your day, we want to help you find the right photographers for your day even if it is not us.  If we do it right our couples and their families trust us and we feel like much more than vendors to them .  Also, we travel just about anywhere and the drop of the hat for our clients and will do weddings just about anywhere in the country or abroad.  It isn't unusual for us to meet them in Phoenix or NY for an afternoon photo shoot and lunch.  We spend a lot of time with our clients getting to know them.

Q:  What made you decide to get into the wedding industry?
A:  It happened kind of by accident. I was working as a news photographer and friends found out I could shoot. The next thing I knew I was doing weddings and loving it. That was 15 years ago. The assignments in news I loved the most were always feature stories. So it was just a natural progession of one of my favorite things to do.When I met my husband and partner (also a journalist) something really clicked and the rest is history. One of those meant to be things, somehow I think the big guy upstairs had something to do with it.

Q:  What are your hopes for brides and grooms?
A:  More than anything else, I wish them a heart full of happiness and love surrounded by family and friends…is there anything better than that…as you are growing together? To have the joy of sharing with someone through the years, and knowing it is ok to get mad at them sometimes; knowing that in the next moment your heart is always going to jump a little as they come into the room.  My hopes as far as service would be that would say they did not even know we were they for most of the day and that when they did we made them feel like movie stars.  When they receive their images we want them to laugh, cry and giggle with all of the moments and details of the day.  We want them to be  able to see in our work the real feelings and essence of their love and family relationships.  We want them to feel loved.
We know we have done it right when we are on the list of people they call when they are expecting like a valued family member and when three of their friends call us to hold their date.

Q:  What are 3 frequently asked questions to you from brides and grooms?
A:  What will my day be like is one of them? Do I give them negatives to which I reply no. Can I help them with hiding this or that or can I help them with this person or that person which I always reply yes to.

Q:  Tell us something that many people might not know about you:
A:  I was a flight attendant once who was afraid of heights!

Q:  How would a bride and/or groom contact you?
A:  Contacting me by phone is the best best way if were are not traveling at our studio. I prefer the personal touch always. If we are traveling I love our blackberry, I am getting pretty good at texting with one hand now. You you can find us through our website or our you tube page.,,

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