October 7, 2010

Donnie Brown of Style Network’s “Whose Wedding Is It Anyway?”

I have found inspiration in his work, he views and his spirit when it comes to weddings.  I could not be happier to announce that I have been able to learn a little more about DONNIE BROWN and get to share it with you!  YAY!!  

Here is my interview with Donnie Brown:

Q:  What makes your company stand out from other wedding vendors?

A:  At Donnie Brown Weddings we have a mantra that we stand by with every client. (It doesn’t matter what budget you are working with for your big day. Everyone deserves to have a nice wedding.)
We work diligently to pair the best vendors with every client that fits within reason of their budget and expectations in each category. As well, we are careful to try and match those with personalities that will jive well together.

Q:  What made you decide to get into the wedding industry?

A:  I took a job at the age of 16 on weekends and nights to help out a family friend in the at their floral design shop in west Texas. I continued working there through college and thereafter. It is part of my soul and I love it.

Q:  What are your hopes for brides and grooms?

A:  I want each bride to see in their wedding what they have in their imaginations. They all have this image of the perfect wedding and we strive to see that vision and make it into reality. In most cases, we attempt to surpass that goal.

Q:  What are 3 frequently asked questions to you from brides and grooms?

·         How do I get on “Whose Wedding is it Anyway?” The simple answer is that you can apply directly with the network or hire a planner on the cast to do your wedding. We ask every client when they sign with us if they are interested in being on the show. It all depends on the wedding, the time of year they are doing their wedding and if the story is one the network finds unique. The more interesting the story, the better chance a couple has to be a part of the show.
·         What does a wedding cost? The fact is that weddings cost very different amounts depending on the region of the country in which you will be holding the event. If you are in Paris, Texas or in New York City, the economy, the cost of living and the industry environment can play a large role in the cost of the wedding. You should determine what you need to spend in your region per person and then do the math. It is the best way to get a total budget in mind. If you need help, ask a good wedding planner in your area.
·         What are the first five things I should do upon getting started in my wedding planning. I always say there are really 10 that you must immediately consider.
1. Select a date
2. Determine how much will be spent on the wedding
3. Research and select a wedding planner if you decide to hire one
4. Compile a guest list
5. Create a binder for the wedding planning (even if you hire a planner)
6. Develop a working budget
7. Develop a style, theme or color palate
8. Select a venue
9. Shop for and purchase the gown
10. Interview and select vendors

Q:  Tell us something that many people might not know about you:

A:  I love to cook. I was raised in family owned restaurant kitchens as well as my mother’s and grandmother’s kitchen. While most kids were out playing, I was learning to cut up a chicken. I am a foodie and cook at home most every night. Restaurants are fine, but I have honed my craft in the kitchen and we find that we cannot get food in most restaurants that compares to what I can prepare at home! Perhaps one day I will have my own cooking show. Look out Food Network, here I come.

Q:  How would a bride and/or groom contact you?

A:  We are available by several avenues.
Twitter: WDonnieBrown

Q:  What do you love most about your job?

A:  I love being a part of someone’s most important day in their life. How many people in their careers can say that?

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